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New hobby at the age 99!

99 year old Londoner Christian Lamb is certainly someone who takes the mantra ‘its never too late to start’ as gospel. With just months to go before her 100th Birthday she’s taken up a new hobby of painting. Having previously written books which she started that at the age of 80. She told James Dickman about her works and her time drawing battle plans for Warships during the second world war, as well as helping to orchestrate the D-Day landings.

Ben Ervine 12th May 2020

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    Catch the highlights of the Chinese New Year's vibrant celebrations from Chinatown and Trafalgar Square. What better way to start the Year of the Rat.

    Ben Ervine 11th May 2020

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  • Arts & CultureEaling musician raises awareness of breast cancer

    A singer songwriter from Ealing is using her debut release to try and raise awareness about breast cancer. Anulade's autobiographical album explores her own experience of dealing with an early form of the disease called DCIS.

    Ben Ervine 7th May 2020

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  • Arts & CultureFamous faces across film unveiled in Leicester Square

    In the part of London that is home to our biggest film moments to mark the 350th anniversary of Leicester Square, some of the stars who have walked the famous red carpets over the years were immortalised with a new series of statues.

    Ben Ervine 11th May 2020

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