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‘ONE LOVE’ collection by artist Doug Hyde celebrates 20 year career & supports ‘Choose Love’ charity

Doug Hyde has just celebrated the 20 years as one of the UK’s most successful artists, promoting positivity and inclusion through his renowned artworks.

To mark the occasion he embarked on an exhibition tour and has a new collection ‘ONE LOVE’ comprised of around 30 new pieces, a mixture of his iconic pastels, sculpture and limited editions and a percentage of profits from that tour will be going to the ‘Choose Love’ charity.

He took some time to talk to London Live about his art being like keeping a diary, advice for young creatives out there and Doug describes why meeting collectors and fans of his art is so personal and powerful with the art connecting with people in love and loss and why his recent collaboration with ‘Choose Love’ is so important to him.

For more information on Doug’s work you can visit

Sara Firth 6th September 2023

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