A moving portrait of stutterers and the journey to overcome their struggle: “It’s all about being vulnerable and showing courage”

It’s thought around 1% of the adult population struggle with a stammer.

It’s a crippling impediment that affects people most acutely at the worst possible times.

In this piece by James Dickman, he met with Paulina, who has been a stutterer since she was 6 years old.

A few years ago she joined the McGuire Programme – an organisation that looks to improve the fluency of those with speech issues and empower them to have faith in their voice.

This is not just Paulina’s story but one of so many other who took the leap to face their biggest fear.

The McGuire Programme has an open day in London on April 22, in Clerkenwell (where Paulina will be on hand to help) & there are plenty more tools and contacts on their website, if you yourself struggle and wish to learn more about how to get involved.

James Dickman 20th March 2023

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