Are you a super recogniser? How facial recognition skills can help fight crime in London

The use of facial recognition software is on the rise, with the Met Police rolling the tech out to catch shoplifters, and the government recently announced plans for the police to be able to access passport photos to be able to catch criminals.

But whilst there’s an argument for this in terms of improving security, groups of politicians and privacy campaigners are strongly against these plans over concerns about human rights and intrusions of privacy.

So, what if there’s an alternative that doesn’t need AI, and instead relies on humans. Step forward the super recogniser, Paul Harrison asked one of the leading voices in the field, Professor Josh Davis from the University of Greenwich, to find out who these super recognisers are.

If you’d like to find out if you might be a super recogniser, you can take a quick 5 minute test at here.

Tanya Francis 24th October 2023

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