Bringing Spanish charm to London tables, a business born out of lockdown.

As the capital begins to reopen we have been speaking to Londoners  who set up businesses from their own homes during the pandemic or had to drastically change the way they work to survive.

Close friends Rose and Claire wanted to find a way of bringing artisan, handmade products from Spain into our homes in London. Rose spent years living in Madrid and moved back home during lockdown bringing with her some of the treasures she had found whilst living out there.

With a focus on quality and things made by artisans using traditional methods ‘Late Afternoon’ was born. The pair set up the business in the dark winter of lockdown and now hope the carefully selected pieces will bring joy into our homes as we welcome friends and family back around the dinner table.

Rose and Claire have been telling Tanya about their story – if you’re interested in finding out more – check them out here!



Tanya Francis 21st July 2021

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