First documented witness of The Great Fire of London identified in new research

The Great Fire of London is a historical event that destroyed thousands of buildings in what is now the City of London – and left its mark to this day.

The fire, which began in September of 1666 in a bakery in Pudding Lane burned over 13,000 houses and is even responsible for the Christopher Wren designed St Paul’s cathedral that still stands today, which was rebuilt following the destruction of the previous cathedral on its site.

Well, new research conducted for the Museum of London by Professor Kate of the University of Leicester, has identified evidence of the very first documented witness of the fire.

It’s a remarkable story involving a mystery apprentice baker who may have seen the fire escape from the inner workings of the bakery, before it spread and became the tale of destruction that Londoner’s know today.


Sara Firth 5th September 2023

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