Former Met Police officer on why pickpocketing has doubled

New data data shows that pickpocketing and theft on the London Underground has more than doubled in a year with the central line being the worst hit.

Across the network there were nearly 8,000 thefts last year according to the British Transport Police.

Former Metropolitan Police officer Fenya Haralsden-Nodder spoke to us about some potential causes of this steep increase and how passengers can keep their possessions safe while travelling on the tube.

If you’ve been a victim of theft on the tube you can call 101 to talk to a police officer or report the crime online. The Metropolitan Polices advice is to try take note of any identifying features and keep a look out for any security cameras in the area to help with the investigation.

And remember if you are in a emergency situation always call 999.

Tanya Francis 13th June 2023

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