How this mobile bakery floated to success during lockdown

As the capital begins to reopen we have been speaking to Londoners  who set up businesses from their own homes during the pandemic or had to drastically change the way they work to survive.

When the pandemic hit Lindsay Morel and her husband Jeremy Huguet set out to make the perfect croissant to keep themselves busy whilst stuck indoors. Completely self taught they did this from the oven on their canal boat and soon realised they had created something great.

They started off baking bread giving it for free to their boater neighbours but soon word spread and queues were forming outside the boat.

They have now both quit their jobs and run the ‘Floating Boulangerie’ which they can now invite guests on board to enjoy the baked goods.

Tanya has been speaking to Lindsay about what it was like setting up the business during lockdown.

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Tanya Francis 20th July 2021

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