A call for London’s same-sex couples to consider adoption

LGBT+ adoption and fostering week was back on the 2nd March. The week focused on tackling the myths and expectations of discrimination that the LGBT+ people can have, that prevent them from exploring both routes to parenthood. Ahead of the week we spoke to Dr. Carol Homden of London-based volunteer adoption agency Coram.

Coram is the oldest children’s charity in the world and a progressive voluntary adoption agency. UK wide 1 in 7 children adopted go to parents from the LGBT+ demographic whilst with Coram that is brought down to 1 in 4. Coram would like to promote adoption within the LGBT+ community. They’d like to bust myths that children are best off with heterosexual couples.

Foster care makes up the majority of the children within the care system and is a temporary stay with foster parents. Adoption is a permanent commitment where the child becomes part of that family for the rest of their lives. Coram runs workshops where children still waiting for either can meet approved parents on a activity day.

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Ben Ervine 12th May 2020

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