Lockdown hobby turned business for this eco-conscious candle maker

As the capital begins to reopen we have been speaking to Londoners  who set up businesses from their own homes during the pandemic or had to drastically change the way they work to survive.

Having always loved candles and taken one in her suitcase wherever she goes, Ricki Lawal decided to start making her own during the pandemic as a way of keeping up her wellness and using different scents to remind her of positive experiences.

She started by using jars she had at home and has now upgraded her kitchen into a candle making factory of sorts.

She also started the business as a way of giving back and launched the ‘Conscious Candle’ with part of the profits going toward supporting mental health in diverse communities.

Her candles have a unique twist which allow them to glow and then grow – check out the video to find out how they are given a new lease of life once they’re burned out!

If you want to find out more – check ‘SelfMade’ out here!

Tanya Francis 21st July 2021

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