London Mayoral Election: who are the candidates?

The London Mayoral Election will take place on 6 May, with Londoners also being asked to vote on the 25 London Assembly Members. The election was meant to take place in May 2020, but was postponed due to the pandemic.
More than six million people in London are registered to vote. Voters can pick a first and a second preference for Mayor.
The candidates with least votes are knocked out and their second preferences allocated to the others, until someone gets a clear majority.

20 candidates will stand for the office of Mayor of London for the next three years.

Here is the full list in order they’ll appear on the ballot paper:

Shaun Bailey – The Conservative Party

A London Assembly member, and former youth worker.

Kam Balayev – Renew

A former lawyer who believes that London has the potential to rival Silicon Valley when it comes to its tech sector.

Sian Berry – Green Party

Co-leader of the Green Party, a London Assembly member, and a local councillor in Camden.

Count Binface – Count Binface for Mayor of London

Count Binface, perhaps better known by his former name of Lord Buckethead, has stood in general elections, against Theresa May in 2017 and Boris Johnson in 2019.

Valerie Brown – The Burning Pink Party

Believes the political system should be replaced with citizens assemblies to tackle climate change and other issues.

Piers Corbyn – Let London Live

Has campaigned against the lockdown and is the older brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Max Fosh – Independent

A Youtuber and former radio presenter.

Laurence Fox – The Reclaim Party

A former actor who set up the Reclaim Party in 2020. Has campaigned against lockdown rules.

Dr Peter Gammons – UKIP

Dr Peter Gammons is a motivational speaker and broadcaster who has been opposed to the lockdown.

Richard Hewison – Rejoin EU

An anti-Brexit campaigner who runs training courses in the financial sector.

Vanessa Hudson – Animal Welfare Party

The leader of the Animal Welfare Party and a film director.

Steve Kelleher – Social Democratic Party

Ran as a Brexit Party candidate at the general election.

Sadiq Khan – Labour Party

Served as an MP for 11 years before being elected as Mayor of London in 2016.

David Kurten – Heritage Party

A member of the London Assembly who was elected as a UKIP candidate in 2016. He later resigned from the party.

Farah London – Independent

Born in Croydon Farah London is an entrepreneur and founder of a digital branding and events firm.

Nims Obunge – Independent

Nims Obunge is the head of the anti-crime and anti-violence charity, The Peace Alliance.

Niko Omilana – Independent

A youtuber.

Luisa Porritt – Liberal Democrats

A former journalist who has been a councillor in Camden since 2018. She was also a Member of European Parliament for London from 2019.

Mandu Reid – Women’s Equality Part

Mandu Reid is the leader of the Women’s Equality Party.  She used to work for the Treasury and the Greater London Authority.

Brian Rose – London Real Party

Brian Rose is a former banker and founder of the London Real podcast.

Polling stations will be open on Thursday 6 May from 7am to 10pm. The count will start at 9am on Friday 7 May and continue on Saturday 8 May.

Tanya Francis 19th April 2021