Londoner on joining Russ “Hardest Geezer” Cook on final leg of epic run of entire length of Africa

The country’s Hardest Geezer – that’s what the incredible Russ Cook calls himself – and with a fair reason now after he completed his incredible run of the entire length of Africa.

The 27-year-old raised well over half a million pounds for charity by running for 352 days (well not everyday, he was kidnapped for a short period in Congo).

Russ ran 9941 miles starting last April at the foot of South Africa.

That’s a distance of 376 marathons and the final stretch was in the the blistering heat up to the coast of Tunisia where he was joined by hundreds of fans, friends and locals – many of whom flew out after a post from Russ to join him on his final furlong.

Toby was one of those who ran the final stretch with Russ, who joined James from Carthage International  Airport to talk of the experience.

James Dickman 8th April 2024