A lockdown Vermouth, developed in a lab in Queens Park during the pandemic

As the capital begins to reopen we have been speaking to Londoners  who set up businesses from their own homes during the pandemic or had to drastically change the way they work to survive.

One sunny afternoon a group of friends from West London decided it was time to create a London Vermouth, they decided they wanted to commission heroes of flavour to create the drink and they would focus more on curating the perfect tipple.

They developed the vermouth in a lab in Queens Park and  then blended and bottled the collection by hand at a distillery near Guilford.

After a few hurdles along the way they finally launched in lockdown with a blend they have said captures London flavours with many ingredients sourced locally.

Tanya has been speaking to Guy Abrahams, one of the founds.

If you want to find out more – check them out here!


Tanya Francis 20th July 2021

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