Louis returns to the studio having completed his ‘Running The Seven Continents Challenge!’

A few months ago we had Louis Alexander on the programme, who spoke to us midway through his ‘Running The Seven Continents Challenge’!

Since coming on the show on World Alzheimer’s Day in September, Louis has continued to fight for a cure for dementia.  He’s taken his open letter with him on his last two marathons in the Amazon Rainforest and The Arctic Circle – the latter of which’s video where he addresses the PM directly has now surpassed 550k views and 92.5k+ likes on TikTok.

He arrived back from Antarctica mere hours before joining us in the studio ago having completed his challenge.

He carried with him an open letter the whole way which is directed at the government -calling for more funding to help tackle the illness, where he speaks openly about his Grandfather who suffered with the disease.

Fresh from the South Pole he joined James to explain that the journey is only just beginning.


James Dickman 18th December 2023