Poet Mr Gee on giving a voice to children in care

London charity Coram Voice returned with its annual creative writing competition for young children in care. In its 5th year the event hoped to give the vulnerable children a chance to express their voice through poetry, prose raps or articles with a 500 word limit. One of the judges is renowned spoken word poet Mr Gee who has been involved with the charity for a number of years.

Starting in 2016, the competition is used to recognise and encourage creativity amongst the vulnerable children that have been the care system. Mr Gee believes that encouraging the children to express themselves will help them deal with issues and feelings that they have faced in the care system or through their childhood.

Mr Gee later talked about his time working in the prisons, expressing how he has been helped to rehabilitate inmates.

Due to Covid 19 the competition has been postponed until a later date please visit for further information

Ben Ervine 12th May 2020

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