New play that tells the true story of gambling addiction

Gambling is something that more than 40 per cent of Brits admit they partake in but there is a well known addiction problem under the surface.

So what happens to the family and friends of gamblers?

GAMBLE is a multimedia theatre production created by Hannah Walker – which is based on her personal experiences being in a relationship with a compulsive gambler.

The bittersweet play takes both a comedic and serious look behind the glittering curtain of jackpots and pay-outs explore the complexities of gambling addiction.

In addition to the play – all performances will have integrated British Sign Language. It will bed by followed by a post-show discussion with Dr Matthew Gaskell a consultant psychologist in the NHS Northern Gambling Service – and a ‘catch up’ the following morning for further information. The play itself is on at The Pleasance Theatre, in London - on 24 February – but is on show at various locations around the country both before and after that date.

James Dickman 13th February 2024