Protest with purchases and politics: One London-based recycling expert give tips on fighting plastic pollution

Events are taking place across the capital to mark World Ocean Day, a global event run by youth leaders to raise awareness of the impact of climate change and encourage people to take action when it comes to protecting one of the World’s most important natural resources.

On Saturday, galleries, museums and clean-ups will be taking place in London, to mark the occasion, with the theme of 2024 being: catalysing action for our ocean & climate.

Raffi Schieir is a London-based entrepreneur and plastic recycling expert and he spoke to Eleanor Cunnigham about the work he does to prevent plastic pollution entering our seas which is considered one of the biggest issues facing our oceans.

According to the United Nations, marine pollution is reaching extreme levels, with over 17 million metric tons clogging the ocean in 2021, a figure set to double or triple by 2040.

Tanya Francis 7th June 2024