Refugee charity calls for volunteers to help take asylum seekers off the capital’s streets and into accomadation

The charity ‘Refugees at home’ offers help to people in registering for benefits and run a volunteer scheme where refugees seeking temporary accommodation are matched with hosts who have space in their home.

Their executive director told our programme that they’ve noticed a rise in the number of people being left in fear of homelessness due to changes in the Home Office’s policy, which is helping to clear the asylum backlog but she tells us leaving some people in practise are not being left enough time to find accommodation.

Well in a statement to London Live, a government spokesperson said:
“The Home Office continues to support and accommodate newly recognised refugees for 28 days after they receive a Biometric Residence Permit. Support is also available through Migrant Help and their partners, which includes advice on how to access Universal Credit, the labour market and where to get assistance with housing. We are working with local authorities to manage the impact of asylum decisions as the legacy backlog reduces.”

For anyone wanting to volunteer to host a refugee you can visit refugees at

James Dickman 20th December 2023