Rishi’s D-Day dash, Farage plans to stand and the Lib Dem’s “fun” effort: This week in Westminster

Rishi Sunak has been hit with criticism after he left D-Day commemorations to return to the UK to film an interview with ITV News. The leader of the opposition, Sir Keir Starmer stayed at the event in question in Normandy and has since said the PM “will have to answer for his own actions” and “for me there was nowhere else I was going to be”.
The Prime Minister apologised for his decision to leave admitting “on reflection” he should have stayed for the event where world leaders including US President Joe Biden marked the sacrifice made by troops landing on the Normandy beaches in 1944.

Caitlin Doherty, a reporter at PoliticsHome joined Eleanor Cunningham to discuss this story, and much more.

Tanya Francis 7th June 2024