Rob Madge’s ‘My Son’s a Queer (But what can you do?)’ comes to the Ambassadors Theatre

Having had a run at the Garrick already – the unique one person show exploring a young boy unearthing his queer identity is arriving at the Ambassadors Theatre.

Rob Madge, who identifies as non-binary, created ‘My Son’s a Queer, (But what can you do?)’.

The idea was born out of watching their home videos, when Rob’s parents used to film them re-enacting Disney movies in the front room.

He explained to James Dickman why it’s a such a step forward that a production with subject matter like this can now make it onto a big West End stage.

My Son’s a Queer, (But what can you do?), Ambassadors Theatre – now until March 18.

James Dickman 1st February 2023