Rugby players ride for charity

The Ex Scotland Captain Rob Wainwright lead a pack of ex-players on a charity cycle from Murrayfield in Edinburgh.They had to make it in time for the Six Nations match between England and Scotland as they had the match ball.

Thomas AbbottThomas Abbott 11th May 2020

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  • NewsFootball Gambling Walk

    NewsA walk against gambling

    A former gambling addict has been walking 100 miles between 6 London clubs who have a betting sponsor on their shirt in a campaign to get football to cut its ties with gambling.

    Thomas Abbott 11th May 2020

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  • TrailerKeeping up with the Watford Ladies

    TrailerKeeping up with the Watford Ladies: Trailer

    Women’s football is becoming a national talking point and is one of the biggest growing movements in sport at the moment. Though coverage has increased exponentially in recent years, you still hear many men down the pub criticising it for the standard of play.

    Thomas Abbott 7th May 2020

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  • NewsSport Gives back

    NewsSport Gives Back

    An inaugural awards ceremony took place in early March honouring those going the extra mile to help others through sport. Among those who was recognised at the Sport Gives Back event was a cricket coach from South East London.

    Thomas Abbott 11th May 2020

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