Simeon Powell: The boy from Harrow looking to be the future of MMA

Londoner Simeon Powell is making a name for himself in the Mixed Martial Arts scene.

A few weeks ago he won the biggest fight of his career in the Professional Fighters League Europe semi final meaning he could quit his job and go fulltime with his passion.

Many are saying he’s the future of MMA with an undefeated record – and is now on the cusp of making history.

He’s aiming to become the inaugural PFL Europe Champion in Dublin next month and win a 100 thousand dollars in prize money.

Henry went down to his gym in Morden to hear about his rise and what it would mean to bring the Championship back to London.

Simeon’s upcoming title fight where he’ll take on Jakob Nedoh is in Dublin on the 8th December.

James Dickman 14th November 2023

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