Sir Chris Hoy & his wife Sarra tell their story on World Prematurity Day

During the pandemic, we all became accustomed to not being able to see loved ones when we wanted to most – particularly if someone was in hospital.

That’s the feeling that parents of 60,000 premature babies feel every year due to the lack of contact they can have with their babies after they are born.

Two parents that know the feeling all too well is one of our greatest ever athletes, the track cyclist Sir Chris Hoy who won 7 Olympic medals, and his wife Lady Sarra Hoy.

Their son Callum was born 11 weeks early.

Sarra is ambassador for the premature baby charity, Bliss, and both she and Chris work hard to raise awareness of the challenges facing parents with preterm babies.

They’ve also teamed up with Pampers who have developed new nappies to help better react to the sensitive skin of premature babies.

James Dickman 17th November 2021

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