South London twin sisters making waves with their Makers Market

As the capital begins to reopen we have been speaking to Londoners  who set up businesses from their own homes during the pandemic or had to drastically change the way they work to survive.

Twin sisters Liv and Daisy Tinker who both have a  keen eye for upcoming trends and a passion for supporting local started up ‘A South London Makers Market’ around 6 months before the pandemic hit.

With no option to hold a busy market the girls moved to social media and hosted numerous online markets throughout the various lockdowns.

With the aim of putting the power back into the hands of small businesses, they have successfully championed talented makers from across the capital.

They also recently hosted their come back event at Selfridges, a career highlight neither of them expected would happen so soon.

If you’d like any more information – check them out here!

Tanya Francis 21st July 2021

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