How ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ can help during Lockdown

As the majority of people prepared for more self-isolation in what is a stressful and uncertain time. we needed to take into account how huge changes to our lives can cause anxiety and trigger mental health problems. We’ve spoken to Joanna Hogan a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist to her tips on how we can protect ourselves during this period.

Anxiety is a normal part of this especially at the beginning of isolation. Following what CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapists call PACE we real with stress and anxiety during this time.

P = Physical Activity

A = Achievement

C = Connection to others

E = Enjoyment or fun

Joanna Hogan, discusses how exercise is very important to keep healthy, not only physically but also to release endorphins that help keep us happy. How making achievements will help with our mental health whether that be in learning a new language, keeping on top of chores or helping others with shopping or loneliness. Connections with Family and friends is so important and we should take this opportunity to maybe call someone we don’t usually speak to and finally how making time to have fun with yourself and household.

For those who are still working and travelling around the capital to do so, if suffering anxiety should take a moment and concentrate on their surroundings, what 3 things can I see, what three things I hear, or what 3 things can I smell whilst they concentrate on their breathing.

Thomas AbbottThomas Abbott 29th May 2020


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