School children taught how to treat knife wounds

Teenagers in Redbridge have been taught first aid tips, following concerns about the rise in violent crime. The Red Cross session was organised after the attack on 17 year old Jodie Chesney, earlier this month. It aimed to give students the skills to deal with someone suffering from injuries sustained in a knife or terror attack.

Thomas Abbott Thomas Abbott 6th May 2020

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  • News WE Day

    NewsWE Day

    In March 2019 the Duke of Sussex addressed thousands of young people in Wembley Arena, urging them to do less screen time and more face to face time.

    Thomas Abbott 5th May 2020

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  • News Tate and Lyle, Crossrail

    NewsCrossrail delays force factory workers to walk an extra mile to work

    Hundreds of staff at the Tate & Lyle factory in Silvertown were forced to walk an additional mile to get to work for more than a year because of Crossrail delays

    Thomas Abbott 6th May 2020

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  • News Heathrow

    NewsCouncils Fight against Heathrow Expansion Plans

    Heathrow campaigners gathered outside the High Court in March 2019, as a legal challenge over the third runway began inside.

    Thomas Abbott 5th May 2020

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