Explorer and presenter Steve Backshall on bringing out the adventurer in everyone

New research has revealed that 2.3 million British children are unable to name more than 10 countries.

While many kids have heard of locations including ‘Neverland’ and ‘Zootopia’, there is concern that the lack of travel during the pandemic has contributed to a fall in geographical knowledge.

Here to help concerned parents and bring out the adventurer in everyone is explorer Steve Backshall MBE – Helena spoke to him about why it’s so important to know about and experience different countries.

Parents can also take their kids to the immersive travel experience hosted by Monopoly for young adventurers and their families at London’s Noho Studios. Monopoly Travel World Tour will enable guests to explore the world – from China to Australia – without even packing a bag or boarding a plane.



Helena Wadia 3rd November 2022


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