Guy’s Hospital warns 136 women eggs may have been damaged in the storing process

Guy’s Hospital has reached out to 136 women after discovering it may have used faulty bottles and freezing solution in the process of storing eggs.

The fault is believed to have affected eggs in September and October of 2022.

Among the women were cancer patients who have since gone through hysterectomies.

A Guy’s and St Thomas’ spokesperson said the manufacturing issue may negatively affect the chance of a frozen egg or embryo surviving a subsequent thawing process.

London Live’s Simon Anderson has been speaking to a Fertility Access Expert, Kayleigh Hartigan.

She provided insight into what happens when women decide to get their eggs stored and frozen, as well as things that can go wrong.

She also added that many people who do go through fertility treatments do have wonderful outcomes without major complications.

Henry Thomas-Aldridge 14th February 2024

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