Helping the Homeless

London Live and its sister companies the Evening Standard and the Independent have been raising money to help the capital’s homeless charities. As the campaign closes we’ve been speaking to some of the organisations set to benefit. Jacob Quagliozzi the Director of ‘Housing Justice’ and Lucy Abraham from ‘Glassdoor’ have been speaking to Zakeea.

Thomas Abbott Thomas Abbott 7th May 2020

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  • News Astrid Fundraising

    News12 year old buys 100’s of presents for homeless children

    Last Christmas there was a very different type of Santa Claus, giving presents to some of the most vulnerable children in the capital, when no one else can.

    Thomas Abbott 7th May 2020

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  • News Croydon FGM

    NewsCroydon Council makes special position to deal with FGM sufferers

    In 2019 Croydon Council appointed its first ever position designed to deal with the issue of Female genital mutilation. A specialist has begun work focussing on young girls in the borough who have been affected by the crime.

    Thomas Abbott 7th May 2020

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  • Arts & Culture

    Arts & CultureEaling musician raises awareness of breast cancer

    A singer songwriter from Ealing is using her debut release to try and raise awareness about breast cancer. Anulade's autobiographical album explores her own experience of dealing with an early form of the disease called DCIS.

    Thomas Abbott 7th May 2020

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