Lessons in the music industry to reduce gang violence

Corey Johnson talks to Tanya Francis about reducing a bid to help end youth violence in the capital, with a London wide knife amnesty announced. Music producer and Ex gang member Corey describes how this is a London wide issue and the challenges faced with getting all 32 boroughs involved. and getting the neccesary funds together in order to get more knives off the cities streets.

Corey went on to explain his involvement in Community Youth London, an organisation aimed at helping young people with social issues aswell as finding them opportunities in the music and entertainment industries and keep them from getting into the wrong crowd.

Corey goes onto explain that most knives on the street are taken from home, they are “Nans kitchen knives”. Corey encourages people and communities to hand in there unwanted and uneeded household knives to prevent them from contributing to criminal activity.

Thomas Abbott Thomas Abbott 7th May 2020

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