Olympic sprinter Jamie Baulch on his search for his birth mother

The Olympic silver medallist and double World Champion sprinter Jamie Baulch has spoken of his search for his birth mother, as part of this year’s National Adoption Week.

The former athlete and TV personality is backing a campaign to reduce stigma attached to adoption, after new research suggested many people find the topic difficult to speak about.

Baulch was adopted as a baby, but made a documentary several years ago which followed his journey to trace his biological mother.

National Adoption Week (18th – 24th October) aims to educate and inform people on the process of modern adoption today.

In the past decade 40,920 adoptions have taken place in England.

Research from the National Adoption Recruitment Steering Group (NARSG) suggests nearly half (48%) of people believe adoption is more socially acceptable than it was 10 years ago, 35% admit they found adoption a difficult topic to speak about.

Despite the need for more to be done for the public to have a better understanding of adoption, 20% say they would consider adopting in the future and 86% believe that adopting a child would be rewarding.


Tanya Francis 18th October 2021


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