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Christie’s to auction much-loved first edition scripts in aid of refugee artists

How would you like to get your hands on first edition scripts of some of the World’s most loved plays and films?

Next month, Christie’s is auctioning works which have been specially annotated by creatives behind classics like The Theory of Everything, Love Actually, Jerusalem and Leopoldstadt.

It’s being run by Good Chance Theatre, who were formed after two London mates travelled to the Calais Jungle in 2015 and were profoundly affected by their time there.

They have since made it their mission to do everything they can to help asylum seekers in the UK.

Henry has been speaking to Joe Robertson, one of the co-artistic directors, about Out of the Margins, the auction raising money for refugee artists.

The ‘Out of the Margins’ auction starts on the 15th September and the free exhibition at Christie’s displaying the works begins on the 20th of September.

Henry Thomas-Aldridge 27th July 2023

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